44 STRINGS Workshop

With his 44 Strings workshop, Brazilian master musician Renato Anesi vibrantly presents cultural history through the voices of ten stringed instruments common to his country’s music.

With easy-to-relate-to language and much music, 44 Strings offers audiences a grand tour of important composers and regional Brazilian musics, as well as a look at the techniques and sonic possibilities of the following instruments: classical guitar, steel string guitar, dobro, tenor guitar, requinto (a small-scale guitar), viola caipira (10-stringed, open tuned instrument), cavquinho (cousin of the ukele), mandolin, 5-stringed banjo and tenor banjo.

Via direct, interactive contact with the artist, the 44 Strings project offers vast and rich cultural content:


  • A colorful look into the world of Brazilian instrumental music.

  • An introduction to some of Brazil’s greatest composers and their works.

  • The origin and history of the major stringed instruments in Brazilian music.

  • Musical biography and history supported and illustrated by the use of the different instruments.

Educational Components of the Workshop


  • Immersion in the emotional life of the artist and his/her challenges and successes through the relation of anecdotes from the lives of the principal composers and musicians, granting familiarity and a sensation of closeness to the artists discussed.

  • Straightforward, highly informational descriptions of each of the ten stringed instruments.

  • Discussion of the origin of each instrument and descriptions of the musical environment at the time of their apogee in Brazilian popular music form a narrative line throughout the workshop.

  • Explanations of the fundamentals of the playing techniques of each instrument, which assist the audience in distinguishing between their different sounds and uses.

  • A look into the relationship between the artist and his instrument.

  • Descriptions of the historically great exponents of each instrument and their signature songs, juxtaposed with the presenter’s original works and his arrangements of classic and contemporary works for the instruments.

For audiences composed of music students, a reference sheet covering the workshop’s main points, including information on the songs presented and the history of each instrument.




There are two options for the presentation of 44 Strings.


  1. Music Workshop: An open and interactive event focused on audience participation, with the workshop repertory catered to the age group involved.

  2. Recital: A formal show with the focus placed on the execution and elaboration of the works in the repertory.

Instrument Sequence in the Show


  1. Tenor Guitar (4 strings)

  2. Mandolin (8 strings)

  3. Cavaquinho (4 strings)

  4. Steel String Guitar (6 strings)

  5. Classical Guitar (6 strings)

  6. Requinto (6 strings)

  7. Viola Caipira (10 strings)



Among the composers discussed in the workshop are the following: Aníbal Augusto Sardinha (Garoto), Pixinguinha, Noel Rosa, Jacob do Bandolim, Gilberto Gil, Waldir Azevedo, João Bosco, Ernesto Nazareth, Ernani Ernesto, Dilernando Reis, George Gershwin, Django Reinhardt, Astor Piazola, Chico Buarque, Egberto Gismonti e Dominguinhos.

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