This remarkable show is marked by the intimate quality of a chamber music recital. What we see and hear as audience members is the deep connection between a musician and his instruments.

Anesi is a master of a range of stringed instruments used in Brazilian music – from the open tuned viola caipira with its bell-like tones to the playfully expansive tenor guitar, from the baroque requinto guitar to the rich and resonant classical guitar – and in his all guitars solo show the audience has the rare oportunity to discover great Brazilian composers such as Pixinguinha, Waldir Azevedo and Chico Buarque interpreted on these various instruments.

Anesi’s use of the tenor guitar is of particular note, as he applies a classical guitarist’s technique to the four-stringed instrument, producing melodic flourishes and harmonic voicings of arresting beauty.

Instrument Sequence in the Show


  1. Tenor Guitar (4 strings)

  2. Steel String Guitar (6 strings)

  3. Classical Guitar (6 strings)

  4. Requinto (6 strings)

  5. Viola Caipira (10 strings)



Among the composers discussed in the workshop are the following: Aníbal Augusto Sardinha (Garoto), Pixinguinha, Noel Rosa, Jacob do Bandolim, Gilberto Gil, Waldir Azevedo, João Bosco, Ernesto Nazareth, Ernani Ernesto, Dilernando Reis, George Gershwin, Django Reinhardt, Astor Piazola, Chico Buarque, Egberto Gismonti e Dominguinhos.

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